6th Generation

Kevin King Dalton  < King Thurber Dalton < Helen Thurber Dalton < Caroline Butler Thurber < John Lowe Butler II < John Lowe Butler I


Author: Craig L. Dalton (374 pages) – This is an electronic book version, complete with numerous color photos, of the full biography of Kevin King Dalton, the great-great-great grandson of both John Lowe Butler and John C.L. Smith and the great-great grandson of Albert King Thurber.  This biography written by Kevin’s brother, Craig L. Dalton, with a short-run publication in 2002, begins with Kevin’s extensive pioneer heritage and continues with stories from his very interesting childhood and youth, and gives the reader a sense of what life was like for a “Mormon Boy” growing up in the 1960s and 70s.  The account of Kevin’s mission to Spain is intriguing, funny, and exciting.  The reader also gains interesting insights into the computer revolution of the late 1970s and early 1980s when Kevin helped pioneer a number of technological advances in software development including what has since become known as the IRS E-File program.  Perhaps most interesting is Kevin’s family life as an adult and the numerous hobbies he pursued.  His life ended where many of his forebears pioneered, Camas Prairie, Idaho.  Kevin’s great-grandfather Isaac Erin Thurber was the first bishop of the LDS church on Camas Prairie, and at the time of his death Kevin was presiding over that branch of the Church as well.